Front End Loader

Front End Loader, Front Loader


* Suitable for Heavy duty applications.

* Tipper lorry loading within five minutes.

* Low cost, easy installation even on second hand tractors.

* Many types of optional application specific interchangeable buckets available.

* Bucket is easily detachable even without using spanner.

* User friendly Single Lever Joy Stick Operation.

* Parallel linkage as standard for better control.

* Bucket level indicator provided for easy operation.

* Wear bushes and pins provided in all joints.

* Bucket size changing from 0.5 to 1.5 cu.m available as per industrial specific applications with maximum loading capacity of 1.3 tons depending upon the tractor model.

* Excellent Bucket angle 45 degree and 90 degree.


Standard Tilt Bucket

Standard Tilt Bucket

Used widely in variety of Industries for multiple purposes like :

# Loading, Unloading and Screening of construction material

# High dump loader handling

# Used at HOT MIX plants and Stone crushers

# Coal and Sodium Silicate and Rice husk handling

# Material handling at Poultry and Ceramic tile factory

Bale Grabber

Bale Grabber

#Handling Paper reem at paper industry

#Handling cotton bale at cotton industry

Sugarcane GrabberPower Clamp Excavator
LogGrabbing Fork

Sugarcane Grabber                Power Clamp Excavator                                           LogGrabbing Fork

# Handling Sugarcane

# Handling loose wood