Forklift Attachments

We offer a comprehensive range of Forklift Attachments catering to the ever growing industry requirements. Manufactured according to the industry standards with robust design and best material our attachments are also cost effective. Apart from the standard industry specific attachments we also offer to customise and tailor the attachments as per the requirements of our customers.

These forklift attachments can also be customised to fit on a tractor, turning your tractor into a power packed forklift.

Varity of Attachments Available:

# Positioner Attachments

Positioner Attachments

Positioner attachment handles a wide variety of products that have the requirement to change the positioning of the fork centres regularly, a fork positioner becomes a essential addition to you fork lift.

# Side Shifter Attachments

Side Shifter Attachments

Side shifter attachment shifts itself side ways in both directions to decrease handling time by eliminating the need for accurate positioning or the need for re-alignment of the truck when entering tight load apertures.

# 360 Degree Rotating Clamp Attachment

360 Degree Rotating Clamp Attachment

High visibility and the freedom of uninterupted rotation, our 360 degree rotating clamps are designed for the vertical and horizontal handling of cotton bales, paper bales, barrels and drums etc. The drive system is simple with motor driven worm and wheel driving a spur gear arrangement.

# Single Drum Clamp

Single Drum Clamp, Double Drum Clamp

This Single Drum Clamp attachment slips onto the fork tines of your truck allowing 210 litre (45 gallon) steel barrels to be picked up with ease. 100% mechanical in operation and with no need for the truck operator to leave the cab, your drums can be quickly and easily picked up and moved around. Ample sized fork pockets to suit most fork trucks, no need to risk back strain through manual handling. Simple design with few moving parts offering low maintenance and minimal downtime. Fully automatic in operation reducing time and labour costs.

# Fork Mounted Extending JIB Attachment

Fork Mounted Extending JIB Attachment

Convert your forklift into a mobile crane with our forklift jib attachment. Ideal for picking up products that are difficult to palletise or for handling motors, press tools etc from positions which are hard to access.

# Standard Tilt Bucket Attachment

Standard Tilt Bucket Attachment

We offer high quality and strong forklift buckets suitable for fitment to the front of a forklift truck. Our forklift buckets are fully tested and designed to be used for a whole host of products and materials.