Land Leveler

The Leveller is a farm equipment that is used for leveling the land. The field should be leveled for better yields and crops. These levellers are available in two models.

# Laser Guided Land Leveler

Laser Guided Land Leveller is new invention in the field of agriculture which is operated with the help of Laser Transmitter and Receiver. The field levelled by Laser Guided Land Leveller is accurate and on same level. It saves water consumption as well as time.

# Heavy Duty Reversible Land Leveler

Heavy Duty Reversible Land Leveller is ideal for leveling, filling, farmyard clearing etc. Soil retaining wings can be optionally fitted on both ends of the blade for carrying the soil without spillage. This blade is creatively designed by our team of engineers and technocrats. This blade is widely used in agricultural industry. It is a perfect solution for landscaping, construction, snow removal, irrigation ditching. With simple manual adjustment it can be angled at any degree to move soil/material off to the side, till to dig or grade slopes or for back filling. It is suitable for sticky soils as well. Its Reversible functionality allows it to be reversed easily to be used for non sticky soil.


* Multi Purpose Leveler

* Removes Undulation of Tractor Tyres

* 360 Degree Rotatable